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Even "I am" goes . . .

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The sense of embodied self arises from bodymind's sensory ground of being. The story of me arises from thinking mind's interpretation of sense data.

When mind quiets . . . the Story of self ("me") disappears, while the Sense of self ("impersonal awareness") remains.

Seeing "mind" from impersonal awareness is usually insightful.

For example, it's mind that utters "I am" . . . not impersonal awareness. There is no "I am seeing", "I am feeling", "I am hearing", "I am tasting", "I am smelling", only "seeing", "feeling", "hearing", "tasting" and "smelling".

And even "tasting", "smelling", "seeing, "feeling", "hearing", seen as mental constructs, disappear in silent awareness as well.

The thing is, there's no need to aspire to or to achieve any special state of being or special state of mind to realize this. Silent awareness is inseparable from the sensory ground of being.

And every description, explanation, statement, assumption, belief, rumination, contemplation, reflection, etc, etc, etc about pure awareness is mind activity, not conscious awareness. And mind activity simply begets more mind activity ad infinitum.

You know this because you see it every moment of every minute of every hour of every day of your embodied existence. You see it right now.

So don't overly fret about clarity, awakening, enlightenment, pure awareness, Brahman/not-Brahman, reality-illusion. Stay with seeing. See what comes and goes. See what remains. See what is changeless.

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