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Download your copy, and let's get started

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We did a web cast!

Wow, what a weekend!  There were from 55 to 80 people on line and 25 people came to the house for all or half of the broadcasts.  I really got to know Scott Kiloby, as we made 3 1/2 hours of other recordings, (not included on the broadcasts).

I think these extra recodings were stunning, breakthrough dialogs.  (Scott is well known for his "Kilologs" anyway, and I can't wait to share these with you.)  Scptt's  e-book, Living Realization has been updated, and now it is best to go to his web site to get the latest version.

If you are in a hurry to re-hear the broadcasts, you can watch the unedited versions now on:
AM -   PM -

Our big thanks to Scott for offering his personal interaction with our Reading Club, and giving us a beautiful live experience on the 21st of March.  


Several topics will be opened in this "thread" to receive your questions.  Please write them in the correct "slot" as replies, and please do not open any separate topics.  (Let's make this operation very organized in this beautiful forum space.)  Then Scott will paste the questions in a new post with his answers.  After that, you can again comment and ask more clarification on each of his new "answer posts".

We will divide the book roughly into 4 parts, and consider them over 4 weeks.  The first answers will come toward the end of this week, allowing more people to get into the reading.  The dates will be approximately Feb 15th to March 15th whereafter on March 21st Scott with be in Chicago for a day long discussion (11:00 am until 4:30 pm).  All are invited to the March 21st event, and it will be broadcast on an NNH web cast.

The division might run something like this:  

  1. Introduction and Recognizing Present Awareness running through page 29
  2. Thoughts, Emotions Sensations, Sates and Experiences through page 50
  3. Core Story and Relationships through page 63, and
  4. Shadows

 Although these question categories might be subject to change. (now we take questions from all of the book, by date of question, meaning no page limitation, you'll see.)  Download, Read and Have Fun.

Here are some of Scott's comments from his NNH blog:

Here is a brief rundown of the way I point. First and foremost, for me, non-conceptual awareness (or what I call space) is the key to realization. It's the most direct "path" and it bypasses a lot of conceptual stuff that gets people "hung up." However, and this is a big however, you will also often hear me say that appearances (thoughts, emotions, states, sensations, experiences, people, etc) are not separate from awareness itself. This inseparability, for me, is important also because I spent some time with a very quiet mind, in a void.

Although it might sound nice, and it was, it was also detached and less than fully alive. For me, nonduality is very much about life happening now and enjoying every aspect of that. It's not just about reaching a state of no-thought and never thinking again. Although that may sound paradoxical, it really isn't. And I think if you listen to what I have to share it may resonate. Maybe not...we'll see. With that in mind, you will hear me share a lot from Living Realization. That site is a This way of pointing that I've developed has really resonated with people. Also, my site is There is a lot of content there along with audio dialogues with lots of teachers. Enjoy.



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The Rabbit hole

Dear Scott,

Thank you for sharing your e-book, it is inspiring to read. For some time this "process" of spotting the shadow and trying to dialogue with the shadow can be helpful.
Lucky Luke wants’ to shoot its own shadow, trying to chase its own shadow, once you move the shadow will move and so on and on.

Maybe helpful as a kind of first emergency help. But it is still a bandage to ease the pain of the shadow. Shadows are smart to create escape routes by all means. The risk of identity theft and to reinforce the shadow.
So this 3-2-1 invitation remembered me about Voice Dialogue and Avatar training or Course of Miracles, I believe these things can be practical for sure. But also they can become an habit, a good escape route. It can be helpful but not for all behavior believes.

For what can be helpful for one is luggage for another so there is not a fixed path, it is merely a composition; a painting, a mixture of what we need at this moment and only by my own "authorization". Perfectly arranged by mr magic. My natural curiosity to always check if something is truth or false, to do my own thing. This checking is not a mind thing in my case I always used my heart very easy not so difficult because you feel it clearly and for me more accessible then dry thinking stuff. The mix; the good balance of heart and thinking, too much of one part of it and it is bit tricky. It is simular with cooking:) But once balanced it is a handy tool too. At least this is how it worked out for me here. And it was not a how or any effort, it seemed to be suitable for me.

I believe we all make our own mixture and our own most intimate 1st 0 person “experience” will approve what is needed. Personally I love the 0 ; 0 minus 0.
I know my existence (without this I, know and existence) I cannot stop myself or switch off existence.
This joyful playfield of magic being myself. This was my living vivid truth as small kid for long time. And from the first school day my fountain of joy was decreasing slowly. Separation issues you see.
But good fuel arises as courage to cut escape routes and face fears in sincere honesty.
Our assumptions are boxed and the less defense one has the more garbage can arise. Wohaa.
In our deepest fears we experience tigers very real and serious stuff always full teeth, these feelings and traumatic events are own longest deepest convictions of behavior.
Cleaning up the room until then we will experience tigers as tigers and act upon this. But within time we discover these were only kittens.
Only to feel our heart which is always "embracing".

All the best

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Hi Menno,

Thanks for your insights.

Certainly shadow work is not for everyone. It is for those who find themselves repeatedly fixating on a trait that someone else has. If I believe that other people are "egos" and this really gets under my skin, chances are there is still a sense of self operating in me, despite my claims to have "seen through it." Why else would it bother me that "others" are egos? This is the one example that was enough for me to bring shadow work into non-dual talk.

But yes, you are correct, anything can be a fixation. In fact, I sometimes tell people to not worry about shadow work. It might not be right for them where they are.

In the deepest sense, both the story I take myself to be and my judgments of others (whether they are shadows or not) are appearances coming and going within impersonal awareness. I therefore always tell people when they have seen that they have been shadow boxing, re-own the story you have repressed, but then see that you are not any story. In the example above, you aren't the story of being "no ego" nor are you an "ego." Those are both ideas that come and go in what you are, which can never really be defined or grasped but which is always present.

For those who aren't following along in our discussion, my invitation is to read the LR text on shadows.


Much love


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