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To-Do Teaching, Seems Skillful?

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Do not associate apprehension with the mind.  Let tension remain tension. but do not make it apprehension.


When apprehension gets associated with the mind, tension begins to build in the body.  If tension is associated with the body, then apprehension (anxiety, worry, fear, concern, unease), is associated with the mind.


The true cause of tension is the apprehension.  But when tension appears in your body, you can say to yourself, "This tension is appropriate.  This tension helps me with my work. This tension can drive my work or my study to completion."  But if apprehension is getting associates with this tension, then it is no longer appropriate.  Do you need to break this connection, or can you work within it and through it?


Maybe seeing this can be facilitated when the body takes on a quality of balance.  Incidents are taking place every day.  Every day some tension or another is being experienced.  Can they remain only a tension and not an apprehension.  You could say that "every incident is an opportunity." Can you look to find some opportunity and thus defuse or lessen possible apprehension?  You may find an attribute-less state, just by noticing that there is an inner knowledge that the tension is not with you, but has only appeared in the body.


Until that might happen you can notice that the body and mind are deeply associated with each other.  The tension of the body affects the mind and the mental apprehension reinforces the physical tension.  Those who understood this phenomenon came up with a formula of controlling the body in order to control the mind.  This can be applied with a gentleness and an understanding, where if you don't loose patience and courage in tense situations at the level of the body, then very soon the trouble in the mind will vanish too.


Why are people not able to begin any work?  They think that they should first feel the desire or the will from within to do that work.  Until they don't get the 'mood' for that work, they do not begin.  It is worth pondering over whether work should depend on the mood or whether the mood should depend on the work?  In reality, work and feeling go together.  If you change your mood, your actions change and if you change you actions, your mood changes.


By controlling our actions we can also control our feelings.  This implies that even when you carry out a seemingly boring task with enthusiasm, your interest in it can be aroused.  To act this out is easier because we have much better control over our actions, than our feelings, mood or interest level.


Understanding this formula, do not wait for your interest or mood or feeling to awaken, instead get on with the job.  Do everything with the feeling as if you love doing that work.  Use your desire to completely do so.  Exaggerate it?


Wherever you are sitting right now, observe yourself as to how you are sitting.  If you feel that you are sitting stooped or constricted, then immediately open up and sit straight.  Be seated in a way that you are ready, alert, self confident, how it would be if you were completely free from apprehension.  Let it be an experiment, not a slavery nor a false numbing from your present idea of reality.


In this manner while walking, speaking and working, observe yourself.  Whenever you find yourself tensed, fearful and constricted, apply said formula and change your body language to that of a fearless person.  On knowing this formula you shall become unwavering and be free from both tension and apprehension, forever.


(from Unshaken Mind, Sirshree, unavailable in the west)

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Better to be silent.

Better to be silent.

silence is all there is

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