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There's always so many other reasons not to be in the now. It seems like our whole society is in a constant state of past and future that the now becomes this passive thought. I think that if we are able to realize that we are the activity then we will be less inclinde to look to other events that don't actually exist because they havn't yet happened or they are gone in the past. But the now also sometimes feels like dancing on a pin head. As soon as you have it you lose it and you start thinking or trying to define, you get right back into your grooves and just spin and spin. I think this is less frustraiting when you realize that like water though our thoughts may rain, evaporate, or flow in the ocean that they are all water then we can handle these grooves with the dancing rather than the thinking.

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Being in the moment

There are so many distractions that keep us from the now, however sometimes not being in the now seems more comfortable then being in the now because that is where i have lived for so long. Regret over the past, fear of the future. For me that natural state of being is living in the now, however it also seems to be the most uncomfortable as i'm not use to the feeling.

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