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Deva Premal

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Deva Premal. I discovered her about two years ago. She's so real/genuine. I especially like her renditions of traditional mantra's in Sanskrit. Like the Moola Mantra. I don't know what she's singing exactly in terms of meaning. But that doesn't matter. the vibe is just exquisite...

Today I rediscovered that I have a youtube account, and decided to use it by uploading a few songs. One of which is by Deva Premal. It's less than 3 minutes. It's the closing-part of the Moola Mantra which itself is about an hour in length. It is accompanied by a slide show (quotes and pictures of teachers.) I had great fun making it.

(Yes, there is sound, but she only starts singing after 20 seconds or so. Don't play it too soft!)

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Ohh Deva Premal, yes!

Ohh Deva Premal, yes!

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Embedding Youtube

Hi Arjen,
In the past I have embedded some of the links you have posted. Usually I had been waiting for people to ask if they could embed themselves. I won't wait for that with you. If you like, you should now find a full html option on all of your posts. I hope that you will take advantage of it. Thanks

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Richard, that's great!

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