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Can you be Aware while you Sleep?

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Can you be Aware while you Sleep?

Try this experiment. You would certainly find that one can be aware even while sleeping. We call this Yoga Nidra. Lie down flat on the back on a mat on a flat floor. No pillows, no mattress. Just be relaxed without moving. If possible, keep your legs crossed (just as if sitting cross legged even while lying - somewhat like pose # 4 given below) to the possible extent while you are lying. I personally prefer this pose as I constrain myself not to go into deep sleep. But this is not a must. It's only convenience that matters. It is important that your lying position must be fully relaxed. Avoid external noises. No music. Set an alarm for 20-22 minutes in your mobile. Be determined to stay for the duration irrespective of the outcome. Don't worry about the results for the first few weeks of practice. All you have to do is to be fully determined to stay for 20-22 minutes irrespective of results.





You can device your own pose also.

Close your eyes gently. Use eye guard if you want. Breath deeply for couple of minutes. Or, try some pranayama for 2-3 minutes. Now, just keep focussing on the breath whenever thoughts arise. Come back to focussing on your breath whenever thought arise. Slowly you will be drifting out of your thinking. Focusing on breath acts as a chopper wheel to cut out your thoughts and quell them over a period of time. You may get some sort of confusing thoughts while you switch over from the 'Thinking State' to 'Thoughtless State'. Soon, you will enter a Thoughtless state and slowly falling into a blissful sleep state. But, you will still be slightly aware that you are in a transcended state. You will not have any body or mind identity, but still be aware that you sleep. It is a form of Transcendental Sleep State and not our regular Deep Sleep. This state will be more refreshing than our Regular Deep Sleep State. This is Yoga Nidra - a sleep state with awareness. In this state, you are aware without individual consciousness. But, you are perfectly aware. Simply there is no identity only.

When the alarm goes on in your mobile after 22 minutes you will have a sort of jerk which is a common phenomenon. Initially you may be unsuccessful in your attempts for few days. Try this twice in a day. Try this continuously for at least few weeks, same time and at the same place so that you become an adept in Yoga Nidra. An adept in Yoga Nidra can perform the same in sitting position also.

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