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Book review of "Awake Joy" by Katie Davis

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This book is astounding and simply brilliant, written from Pure Heart and deep Love that illuminates each and every page and transmits its timeless wisdom directly to the reader with its potent pointers, beautiful poetry, honest sharing.

I am deeply touched and refer to "Awake Joy" again and again and treasure also the extremely beautiful cover-the author's incredible sense of Beauty, being Beauty herself, leaves one with a sense of wonder and deep gratitude for sharing herself in absolute humbleness, always pointing to the Truth that the Reader IS that very same Self.

No separation at all is experienced in this rare volume!

Equally profound and valuable are the many beautiful resources on the web that dear Katie shares with us, her site

that feels like a slice of Heaven, and leads to her inspiring blog, videos, Facebook site and more...

One is privy to receiving jewels of eternal wisdom like this one in one's inbox that dear Katie answered after someone's loving comment:

"In 'relationship' to the universe, I am pure beingness. In 'relationship' to consciousness, I am pure awareness.

However this is not a land of relationships. Pure 'I" (Heart) stands alone and is that which makes nothing and everything possible.
Without contradiction, Heart is all that is.

Thank you for pointing out that the life situation is always in variation and impermanent. Which is why when we seek happiness objectively in the life situation, we suffer.

Impermanence cannot contain that which is permanent. Whereas, permanence contains all that is impermanent.

I am here only to point to the fact that if we are willing to rest as "I am" and inquire into the true nature of "I," we realize a changeless joy that is absolutely indestructible, depends on nothing and is caused by nothing.

Furthermore, it is already complete within you right now. We have only to realize it ... rather realize who you ultimately are.

This joy of being is available to every human being.

That is the miracle!!!

~ Love ~" Katie Davis"

or this one:

Katie Davis: "Beloved ~ I am not an object. I am you; radiant being and the mystery that is. Deeply contemplate the "I Am" ... or rather ... effortless being ... just as a sugar cube dissolves in a hot cup of tea, one realizes that sweetness remains. When the subject dissolves (no matter how gross or formlessly subtle), ...there is no "other" to witness."

Katie Davis' pure Light shines with such immense compassion and absolute Realization, bound to no-thing, completely free.

There is no leaning on other teachings, rather fresh, new, yet eternal insights that transform and remind the reader daily of one's Real Being.

In these 3d- seeming times of turmoil and upheaval, I cannot think of a better companion to have by one's side, this is one of those rare books that makes you want to take it ( and one other I'll get to in a second) with you should you ever have to leave your human home in a hurry, and even that would be accomplished in an easy manner, with a serene smile, knowing One is ALREADY home always, resting and abiding there.

Dear Reader, you can gladly leave all other books behind, and guess, what, eventually even this one, as after reading this authoritative, loving, amazing work, you are ready to take the leap and just live and BE what these pages point to.

But trust me, you wouldn't want to leave this gorgeous work behind, reading it henceforth as the ONLYNESS that Pure Awareness is, it would just feel like your SELF communing beautifully with your SELF.

I would highly recommend to read this astoundingly pure volume in conjunction with dear Sundance Burke's "Free Spirit", this book is the other one I'd definitely not want to leave behind!

Written side by side by and through Pure Love, these two books seem to work their magic in a beautiful synergy, rounding up all aspects of Spirit's boundless joy and freedom, shining Light from all facets, leaving no question unanswered.

One literally feels the deep Love the authors are and so generously share and what a trip it has been!

Take a journey into paradise, dearest Reader, literally, read these gorgeous, once-in-a-millenium-books and give Thanks to live at this time, being able to have been led to your SELF in such a gentle, joyful manner, stay right where you already always are and never have fallen from effortlessly from within and derive daily joy through dear Katie and Sundance's sites, blogs, videos, and one day, (my dream here:), a retreat on Maui with these two Light Angels!

Thank you from all my heart for your generous sharing, dearest Katie and Sundance!

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Hi Maren,
I am wondering if your forum topics are meant to be advertisements or promotions of enlightenment discoveries? Your topics are somehow neutral I miss any touch of you as Maren ,only the Maren’s spread a message of other books (Pamela, Katie, Sundance, Peter) but I read it as a book and advertisement, you mention other books, and teachers and poems that is fine but would it not be better then to make on this site a separate Tabloid for advertisements? If other people as you mention Katie Davies or Sundance Burke or Pamela feel the need to write here without any purpose of promoting their sites or books but just open a post without any websites or book advertisements, me as reader would welcome this.
Now I read more and more forom topics just a pure advertisements, a sweet sugar layer and then suddenly ..please read this book or book this workshop. People who talk (for let’s be honest money) ,and a group of people who believe that other people can tell them how to discover that which is not hidden? History is repeating itself.

Joined: 02/14/2010

Dear Menno,
just tried delete the book reviews and wasn't able to, please just ask dear Richard to remove them again, will you?
Everytime I deleted all content, title etc, it would still be there the next time I clicked on 'Forum', like eternal, lol.
Tried my best but am no tech nut, so sorry I can't help further!
Much Love back-your Maren

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Dearest Menno,

Thank you for your message, and I can assure you that these few book reviews I posted amongst my own poetry and articles are not meant as advertisements the least, not at all, would have no interest in that, nothing to gain, am from Germany and we didn't even use to have ads running on TV, people just wouldn't tolerate that, so understand your position very well!

I have never met Pamela Wilson, just discovered her site the other day and the gems on there resonated so much that I posted them to share, and also ordered two of her CD's for my upcoming 40th birthday.
Peter and Greg are dear friends and dear Katie has become one, too, recently,and all three have been most generous with their time and guidance in personal correspondence even before we became friends and their three books have helped in deep contemplation to dissolve the final chunk and mind recently collapsed back into Source.
As I get so many questions about what books I found helpful, even though, agree, totally irrelevant, what works for one might not work for another, out of the desire to share and being most enthusiastic by nature:) did I post these reviews that were written absolutely without any payment whatsoever, from the open heart, out of sheer joy.

Greg's book I even ordered all the way from the UK the day it came out for a small fortune before I later saw it in dollars right on amazon, Peter's was also bought long before amazon from his original publisher and on amazon it shows'verified purchase' for dear Katie's book:)

I would never allow any person to use this form for advertisement as that wouldn't feel congruent to me here and absolutely respect your wish and will remove the reviews gladly again!

The friendship and guidance from these loving souls has been invaluable here, that's all, yet agree, One is sovereign and Truth is found only inside, yet paradoxically, contemplating beautiful books has done a lot for 'Maren' here...

If you prefer more 'personal maren', lol, invite you most cordially to my website where you'll find material that was written from a more personal point of view.

Lots of Love your way, your Maren xxxx

P.S. Since that last dissolving back into Source, Truth feels more impersonal, at the same time deeply intimate and since the 'maren-story' disappeared, felt more guided to share just from the universal standpoint, you know?

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