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To be Attachedly Detached is the best way of Loving and Living for Elders

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To be Attachedly Detached is the best way of Loving and Living for Elders

Case 1: ' To be attached ' to someone or something means you are too much emotionally dependent on them. This creates a sort of dependency, just as a child depends on the parents. This is quite normal in the early part of life for everyone of us.

Case 2: ' To be Attachedly Detached ' means you still Love them to the core, but you are not emotionally depend on them. This does not mean that you don't care them. You still care them. You look at them impartially without forcing your expectations on them. Initially it may look as if to be attachedly detached is like living aloof from them. But, to be precise this is the best way of Loving and Living. When we become old, this may be a better way of living for everyone of us.

The problem with Case 1 is that the more your expectations are, the more the chances of meeting with failures which may lead to one getting more upset. In many cases this may lead to oneself crying also, if not outwardly at least inwardly. Whereas in Case 2 you don't care much about the outcome and your expectation are very minimum. It is just as the case of Parents who don't expect anything from a Child. You just fulfill your responsibilities and simply stay there. Our living as elders should be like drops of water that rolls over the Lotus Leaves without ever wetting the Lotus Leaf.

Our Love towards God is like 'Attached Love' and God's Love towards us is like 'Attachedly Detached.' At some point of time, may be at a later part of our age, as Elders, we should transform ourselves from the state of an Ignorant Child to the state of God. This is really a worthy Transformation. Now-a-days, I always try to act like the later case.

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