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I find myself somewhere between clarity and confusion. The answer is so obvious, yet, once I think I have it, it drifts away.

On page 35, three visitors ask of Ramana, "Kindly instruct me as to how the mind may be controlled." I found this to be interesting, as my mind is so full of thought, that I wonder if I will ever be able to under this message. Suddenly, I realize, that regardless of all the thoughts in my mind, somewhere there is silence. And, within that silence exists consciousness. This phenomena is constant.

This is an extremely important awakening in my life.

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This is an extremely important awakening in life.

Hello Heather,

Wonderful is the way that you are shearing this.

Somewhere there is silence, and, within that’s silence exits consciousness…
How beautiful this is.

Now stop worrying about the mind. Mind is only full of thought as long as there is some one telling it is full of thought. This way the mind is keeping itself alive. Let it be… don’t put interest in it… Live itself is the only there is… BEING… that’s al there is…

So next time you say: This is an extremely important awakening in life.

With Love…