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Alternate Perceptual Realities

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Human perception = input from the 5 senses and the thinking mind's interpretation of that input. As such we awaken each morning into an alternate perceptual reality from one another. No wonder there's so much misunderstanding at the indvidual level when we all may be looking at the same thing but "perceiving" something significantly different.

Coming to terms with "how I see it" isn't necessarily "how it actually is" can be problematic. It means until awakening happens that I am THAT, all I can ever really say is "This is how it looks to me, feels to me, seems to me."

While I am, we all are, manifestations of Absolute Reality and Absolute Truth, all I can talk about at this stage is relative reality, relative truth from this particular point of view.

Conceptual understanding and thinking mind are the caretakers of the boundary lines of separation between you and me, this and that, them and us. Reasoning and logic can take me only so far in awakening to the truth that we all are THAT.

Non conceptual understanding, inner quiet and stillness, experiencing the aliveness of aliveness without any inner commentary, erases the boundary of separation yet leaves everything as it is.

As body and mind, feelings and thoughts are contents in consciousnesss, we are both content and conscousness itself. I am a content in your consciousness. And you are a content in my consciousness. And we both know that contents of consciousness are simply that, content, not consciousness itself.

But as formless awareness temporarily manifested in human form we are also individual consciousness. Awareness awakening to its formless nature through this human form can be a very confusing trip. Am I this or am I that? Well, the truth, relatively speaking, is that you are both this and that. We are both individual self and cosmic self. We are both self and No-self. We are both form and formlessness. Conditioned and unconditioned. And our awakening, in a manner of speaking, can be measured by our capacity to recognize everything is everything is everything is everything is interconnected interconnected interbeing interbeing. And that's not something mind is meant to figure out but for the heart where - like Absolute Reality itself - nothing is left out, nothing is rejected, it is as it is as we are as I am.

If I inhabit alternate perceptual reality, it is as it. If I am awakened to direct perception of what is, it is as it is. It doesn't seem to matter whether "I" gets it or not, it is as it is.

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