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ABCD of Vasanas, Samskaras, Karma, Fate, Freewill and Enlightenment .....!!!!!!

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ABCD of Vasanas, Samskaras, Karma, Fate, Freewill and Enlightenment.....!!!!!!

Let us see the definition of the words in the Title and discuss more about them subsequently.

Vasanas : We call the innate tendency of our Subconscious Mind as Vasanas (built-in Tendencies you get in your DNA and inherited biologically or at birth.)

Samskaras: Acquired tendencies on your own accord from Society, Environment, Association etc in your Subconscious Mind

Karma : Karma means Action. Karma may happen as the aggregate of your Vasanas and Samskaras. Karma leads to ACTIONS performed by you without your volition due to Subconscious tendencies.

Fate: The belief that everything is ordained and you can do nothing about it.

Freewill: The belief that we have free choice to exercise our Will and set things right.

Enlightenment: A Supreme State of Mind. A Supreme State of Living. A Supreme State of Existence with the Highest Understanding about Existence.

Vasanas, Samskaras, Karma, Fate, Freewill and Enlightenment

Vasanas and Samskaras are like traces of perfume that don’t go away so easily from your body. More the perfume puffed on your body the longer the duration it stays. Vasanas and Samskaras Initiate and Propel all your actions. You can not escape actions. A meaningful Living requires some actions. The actions may be Noble or Ignoble. But everything proceeds from the built-in and acquired tendencies. I write this article because there is a tendency that propel me to write this. Another person at this time goes to a bar to enjoy a booze means that is his Vasana. Gandhi and Hitler lived the life in their own way because of their latent tendencies called Vasanas and Samskaras. These Vasanas and Samskaras reside in our Subconscious Mind and we are totally unaware of them until or otherwise they surface as actions or thrown to our Consciousness as Thoughts. It's Scientifically well documented that 95% of our actions are subconsciously driven and we have not much control over them. You can only train your mind, slowly over a period of time, through a conscious living. You can't make transformations to happen. Transformations have to somehow happen in you. Grace is always available. But, still you may have to put your First Step sooner or later.

The Role of Karma

KARMA literally means ACTIONS. We can not escape ACTIONS as long as we live. We just have to perform one ACTION or ANOTHER. Even INACTION itself is a form of ACTION only and it has its own consequences. Hence, Karma may be the broad term assigned to unfoldment of Vasanas and Samskaras. There may be some truth in Karma. But we can't go giving nonsensical interpretation to karma like 'A person with too much sexually perverted will be born as a Dog in his next birth.' In my opinion, evolution can only be an upward march and may not be an up and down or zigzag path. There are excessive unreliable stories written about Karma which need not be feared too much.

In my belief, Karma has some basis and meaning which can't be refuted. I accept karma as valid phenomena with some riders.

Fate and Free Will

In my opinion, Fate and Freewill are two sides of the same COIN called existence. One can not exist without the other. If Fate is a Truth, then Free Will must also exist. You may create your Fate with your Freewill and nullify your fate with your free will. Fate and Freewill may go hand in hand together. There is nothing to fear about Fate. For example, if there happens the death of a child in a family due to fate, at the best one has to accept its inevitability and get reconciled with our Freewill as this is the only option available to us. Since, both the Sorrow and Peace are part of our Mind only, we have to make the transformation to happen in our Mind only and nowhere else. The next immediate question is do you really have the Power to exercise the Freewill to get 'Reconciled?' Yes, somewhat. Our Freewill is certainly not an Absolute Freewill. Our Freewill itself is dependent upon many other pre-existing baggage we carry. Here comes, the role of Vasanas, Samskaras and Karma. Our Freewill may be the resultant of these three aspects.

Enlightenment and Karma

I have defined Enlightenment a Supreme State of Mind, a Supreme State of Living, a Supreme State of Existence with the Highest Understanding about Existence. Enlightenment refers to a state wherein you have understood fully about living as a whole. Enlightenment is not an experience. Enlightenment is the highest understanding about MIND and its falsity. Enlightenment takes you one step beyond your MIND and stay as AWARENESS. After Enlightenment you become a WITNESS to your own ACTIONS. Does Enlightenment mean you will be 100% perfect in all your actions? No, it can't be logically and Practically possible. Even after enlightenment you can't behave 100% perfect, because Mind and Imperfections are always synonymous. Does Enlightenment mean your Vasanas and Samskaras will all of a sudden Vanish? No, not at all. It looks as though the Vasanas and Samskaras reside in your causal body. So, as long as the stray smell of the perfumes stay one can't escape Karma, the aggregate of your Vasanas and Samskaras. Then the question of what is the purpose of Enlightenment at all arises. This doesn't mean that Enlightenment is fake. Karma is always there for both enlightened /unenlightened people. The fact is enlightened people are not attached to their Karma. They simply let their karma unfold and watch them impartially. When you are not attached to your Karma, you allow everything to flow like a river and become a witness to your own karma. May be, if reincarnation is a valid phenomena and cycle of birth and death is a Truth, Enlightenment may absolve your karma sooner or later. No one can be sure about reincarnation. Even if I say something about reincarnation, there is no way one can very the same. So, let us not too much brood about reincarnation, but accept as a valid phenomena.

Sri Bagavath ( and use to quote a beautiful story about Enlightenment : Enlightenment doesn't result after Purification of the Mind. On the contrary, subsequent to your Enlightenment only your Mind gets Purified. Even, a thief is eligible to become enlightened at this moment. Once, a thief becomes enlightened his actions will automatically get transformed sooner or later. Take for example, there are two rail tracks. One Track is like Imperfect State and the Other is a Bypass Track, the Perfect State. Both rail tracks are connected by a change over point. Enlightenment is like the Engine of the Train crossing over from the Imperfect State of Rail Track to the Perfect State of Rail Track. Once, the engine switches over to the New Track (Perfect State), still the train compartments will remain in the old track (Imperfect State) only. Sooner or later all the compartments will follow suit of the Engine and go into the New Track. The concise meaning of the story is ' At First Enlightenment Happens and subsequently Enlightenment results in the Purification of your Mind, just as the compartments of train follow suit of the Engine to the bypass rail track in due course of time.' At First Enlightenment should Happen, then rest will happen automatically.

I am Self Taught. Hence, the above are my UNDERSTANDING ONLY on the TOPIC and may or may not be correct.....!!!!!!

(This is a slightly modified post on the SUBJECT written by me earlier)

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