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20+ Features that define Human Beauty!

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20+ Features that define Human Beauty !!!

Is Beauty definable in the Human Dimension? Even though the definition of beauty differs from culture to culture, still to a larger extent beauty can be certainly defined. Genetically each organism is programmed to have certain characteristics which make them to be attractive to the opposite polarity. This is quite natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of. To discuss about Beauty is not an Ugly matter as the portraits of even Gods and Goddess are also drawn taking to consideration of such Beauty Standards only. Most of us expect even Gods and Goddess to look beautiful. It has also been scientifically proven that more a women is beautiful, the better her probability to reproduce. Don't we look for a Good looking and Beautiful Life Partner when we go for marriage for us and our children? Is it not a fact that most of us want to look beautiful? Doesn't everyone put their best looking photos (like side pose) in one's facebook profile? The following write up is a generalized one only and may vary w.r.t each individual's mind, taste and liking. Please remember whatever I have explained in the following post should fall within the acceptable norms of established cultural and societal standards . Let us see how beauty, in general, can be summarized, as given below w.r.t Human Beings:

In general, the closer someone is to their prime reproduction capability (women aged 14 to 21) and (men aged 16 to 24) the more attractive they are physically.

Face is the index of the Mind. The face is the locus of communication, recognition, and empathy and the seat of the human look. Hence, importance is primarily given to face while defining beauty.

1) The larger someone’s eyes, prominent the eye lashes, the more attractive

2) The clearer the whiteness of someone’s eyes, the more attractive

3) More the contrast between whiteness of someone’s eyes and the pupil (black portion), the more attractive

4) Larger the Lips and better it is shaped, the more attractive

6) Lengthier and wider the lips, the more attractive

7) Slimmer and taller a person the more attractive w.r.t one's cultural standards

8) Thinner the Hips the more attractive

9) Thinner the Neck the more attractive

10) While smiling teeth must be visible. Whiter the Teeth and better they are arranged in line, the more attractive.

11) Sharper and Nominal (neither big nor small) the nose the more attractive

12) Denser, Longer and Blacker the hair, the more attractive (again cultural standards)

13) Longer the fingers, the more attractive

14) Fairer the complexion and finer the skin texture, the more attractive

15) Proportional each bodily parts w.r.t other parts, and correctly shaped, the more attractive

16) Visible the cheek bones and somewhat lean and projecting, the more attractive

17) The closer the proportion to someone’s face to the relative cultural standard the more attractive.

18) Better the symmetry of LH & RH face in shape, the more attractive

19) More the agility, flexibility and bodily movement, the more attractive

20) More the similarity of the person w.r.t accepted genetic makeup of a specific culture and society, the more attractive.

21) Better the features as perceived by each Individual, the more attractive everyone is. Everyone looks beautiful to someone else.

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