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10+ Points why Death is not be FEARED; Has to be faced BOLDLY

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10+ Points why Death is not be FEARED; Has to be faced BOLDLY

The Greatest Puzzles of the Universe are BIRTH and DEATH. Nobody knows what the other side of Death is. Most people FEAR DEATH. Following is my opinion about Death and how we have to face the same w.r.t our own Death and our Dear and Near.

1. Death definitely creates Pain in all of us. Many of us are shattered when it happens to those who are near and dear to us. I have also faced the same situation when my mom died 25 years back. I never believed my mother could die. But reality has to be faced boldly rather than escaping. Reality cannot be changed. So, there is no alternative except to face it boldly.

2. Our Mind always lives in he Past or Future. It wants to escape the Present. This proves that we simply have no Guts to face the Present. We have to face the Present. There is no other way. There is no escape route. Let's strongly bear it in mind that we can't escape REALITY and we can't escape the PRESENT except during Deep Sleep and other unnatural means by way of shutting down our Mind. But, still we have to always come back to the Present and face it. Why not face it BOLDLY RIGHT NOW?

3. Sometimes we start enjoying SADNESS even without our knowledge. Then ENJOYING SADNESS becomes our NATURE. This is not appropriate way of Living.

4. The more we keep brooding about PAST eventualities, again and again, it creates a Strong PAIN BODY in our Subconscious Mind. The PAIN BODY will not allow us to function in a PEACEFUL MANNER and come back ferociously during LATER part of our LIFE. It is always advisable not to keep nurturing PAIN BODY more and more. Pain Body is like a Monster which will spoil everything in and around you in your routine life. Minimize your Pain Body by enjoying HAPPY MOMENTS always. Enjoy the Present HAPPY Moments to reduce your PAIN BODY BAGGAGE.

5. It's not DEATH that matters; but DYING matters the most. In a way DEATH is a solution to DYING. Facing extra ordinary pain of Dying is far worse than a Peaceful Death. We have to always expect a Peaceful Death rather than facing the Agony and Pain of Dying.

6. Nobody has conquered death so far. If science conquers death in a strategic way in future through medical innovations, still there will be people who will be willing to shed their body.

7. I believe is Reincarnation, but not in the religious dogmatic form. I believe that evolution is not possible without PROGRESSION of one's PSYCHE. This may happen in a different Dimension and Plane. But we may be coming back to existence as reincarnated being with a different Body and Mind, definitely better evolved. Since, the substratum of all Living beings is the same Immutable SELF aka CONSCIOUSNESS, ' I am still still the same I am ' even if I appear in a different body and mind. My sense of Self is not going to change even after my reincarnation. Then why should I fear Death? May be I am missing my Dear and Near when the eventuality happens. But, still I come back as a reincarnated being with the same undercurrent called 'SELF' aka 'CONSCIOUSNESS' which has no BODY or MIND IDENTITY.

8. When the Cosmic Laws prevails over our will, we have to only accept the inevitable and move ahead. By sitting with sullen face nothing is going to change.

9. There is always Another Day. There is always another Sun Rise. There is always another Happy Moment. Just get going taking sportively irrespective of whatever has already happened in our Life.

10. To recall the PAST DARK MOMENTS of life for ever again and again is like carrying EXCESSIVE BAGGAGE while climbing the SUMMIT of LIFE.

11. LIFE has to be LIVED, not REPENTED in a PERENNIAL WAY. Face the eventualities, but it is wise to move ahead confidently.

12. In my opinion, I consider BODY and MIND as temporary manifestations in the PERMANENT CONSCIOUSNESS, which is our TRUE SELF. So, I am least bothered to shed my Body and Mind when death happens to me. I am ready to Face DEATH BOLDLY and CONFIDENTLY.

13. You might have lost a DEAR one. But, still you have to LIVE for the sake someone else who is DEAR to you. It must remembered that there are someone who WHO always LOVES you the MOST. Hence, for the sake of them we have to BOLDLY carry on with the rest of our life.


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