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scientific research gave way to a scientific approach in understanding life and mind

Dr. Vijai Shankar

Man lives in the duality of what is real and what is merely appearance: what is and what seems to be; what is eternal and unchanging and what is temporary and changing.


The enlightened beings understand and perceive the eternal unchanging 'what is' as the real, whereas man knows only the temporary changing 'what seems to be' and believes it to be real. There is no proof for reality, and there cannot be either, for it is beyond mind, though man constantly strives for it; there is no lack of proof for what is illusory, for it is within the mind, and which man therefore takes to be real. Thus man lives uncertainly in the realms of temporary and change, never quite understanding his or her own essence.

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Perception and Experience

Dr Vijai ShankarDr Vijai Shankar

Read from the full post Man is alive, and he or she knows it. Man is very clear that he or she is alive; he does not doubt it. He has no need to verify it from others either. No teaching of any sort is required to know that he is alive. Man does not pray to God to know that he is alive; he is happy that he or she is alive, though he may think that he is not happy in life. But man cannot perceive and experience this aliveness. If he were clear about life, then he would certainly be happy; so he should be clear whether life is real or an illusion. Life cannot be both. If life is real, nothing can be done about it, because that which is real cannot be changed and, if life were an illusion, there would be no need for anything to be done about it. Furthermore, if life is an illusion, then man will be an illusion too, and there would be nobody real to do anything about the illusion. But man thinks that life is real; he thinks that life is real because he or she is convinced that perception and experience are real. These need to be examined as to whether they are or not.

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