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Gregory Tucker

Truth is absolute, the relative is comedy, and everyone is immediately eligible to wake up.

Meet Dr. Gregory Tucker

About 15 years ago Dr. Tucker made the shift from traditional psychotherapy to his synthesis of Wei Wu Wei’s synthesis of the Buddhist view of reality. He calls this process “The Recovery Process,” which we can abbreviate as TRP.

The process introduces you to “The Big Picture,” which makes it possible for you to know who you are, who everyone is, and how everyone fills time defending who they pretend to be. TRP does not expect you to believe truth, warehoused in “The Big Picture,” is the truth, only that it is there for you to play with, in order to find out how playing with it interrupts your usual ‘style of suffering.’

Clients who play with TRP report that humor replaces suffering, and life, viewed through the filter of TRP, is there to be enjoyed, directly.

Dr. Tucker uses Skype and camera to work with clients all over the United States. Feel free to contact him via email

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The contents of "The Personhood Package."

Gregory TuckerGregory Tucker

The dream features the dreamers using their rendition of "The Personhood Package" in the dream to defending "The Master Lie, or what it takes in this dream to defend the fiction right now is real, and not a mind generated dream. If right now can only be a Mind generated dream (MGD), then trying to prove truth is false can only be a mind generated charade, featuring the dreamers in 'reality' defending the lie it's possible to prove truth is false with their rendition of "The Personhood Package," which always includes story, or the conclusions the dreamer assembles to defend the fiction right now is real, the self, which is becomes the hero in the dreamer's story, and the skit, or how the dreamer engaged in "The Endless re-run of it's story,' for a lifetime, or until the dreamer wakes up.

The dreamer's skit features the invented self playing the part of some kind of a person by keeping the fiction in place the dreamer's story is about a person. Story+self+skit ="The Personhood Package." As you wake up in the dream, what comes into focus is how much you defend the lie story is about a person, which makes story the shift from the truth to the lie duality exists, as if someone is having a real life outside the dream mind is dreaming.

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