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Psychological work with prison populations, new conversation of possibilities

Meet Dr. David Parrish

 David spent his career in the New Jersey corrections system, both as a clinical psychologist and as an administer and warden.  That is an amazing story and a grounding in human behavior.


My current interest with David is the creation of a new "conversation for possibility" in human growth and what we commonly consider spirituality.  Let's see if there won't  be much collaboration between us.

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How is a "Conversation for Possibilities" Created

 In our circle there appears such a strong bias against applying distinctions (words) to our lives.  Are we so resigned about what hasn't worked smoothly all of our lives (words)?  Perhaps now that we have spiritual speak justifications for life as usual, we are using them as material for a new world view.  But isn't it just the same old dulling process?  I suppose that I am not winning a popularity contest in saying this.


What is alive about life is my belief in my own effectivenenss.  Part of that effectiveness is our undaunted dance with the mystery.  Another part of it is my belief in the power and integrety of my creative word.


So now I want to present some material that brings up how we stick ourselves in ineffectiveness.  It is uncomfortable, and we are not getting too many takers.  We want to do it with a series of hangouts, like the one below.  Who can see the potential in a new "Conversation for Possibilities" for yourself?

Human Possibilities are Enabled by a Verbal Context

David ParrishDavid Parrish

New Thoughts on Creativity

I met Dr. Parrish in this and one previous Skype conversation.  We are going to investigate and perhaps have a virtual study group on leadership parameters newly thought out by a group including the Landmark Forum's originator, and now independent researcher Werner Erhard.  Other co-developers of this material are Michael C. Jensen, Steve Zaffron and Kari L. Granger

Their Material has been made completely available for free by them at the link: 

The link above allows you to download a preliminary and descriptive paper about the content of the leadership course.  Perhaps it is not all that seductive of writing for many.  I suggest you download it and read from the bottom of page 74, 

4. Breaking Through the Constraints and Shaping Imposed by Your Prevailing Worldview and Frames of Reference

a. Your “Wall of Bricks” 


Why I am proposing this material for your consideration?


Most of you who show up on these pages have some take on how you appear in your own life and have some kinship with inquiring into what makes your life and the lives of others tick.  From this we are all familiar with the notion of "conditioning", which we admit to, and attempt to look at.  And because much of this conditioning causes discomfort, we have set out on these investigations and spiritual searches.  (It's our so-called suffering.)


Sooner or later we find that the conditions of suffering are in part a story that we continue to tell to ourselves.  Then in non-duality, we discover that there is a way to stop telling any story, and we immediately notice an immense relief.  Yes, without these internal conversations, we still exist.  So isn't this primary existence a more essential part of our nature, or maybe it's the truth of our being?  Let's just stay in this spaciousness.  And we have lots of justifications of how the world unfolds perfectly from that point of view, (point of no-view).


Yet there is a price to pay.  Much of the game in this life is verbal.  By consciously choosing to bypass the verbal, we become disengaged, and non-players in much of our game.  


Some say that words take you away from your experiencing, (that thinking and being somehow exclude each other).  True, continuous analyzing can separate you from the experience.  Now we have the idea that a pure experiencing has some greater value.  It's an idea that fully experienced events somehow become complete, and allow life to move on.  


Really, when you think about it, what is the point of "fully" experiencing if you're most often experiencing exactly the same thing?  The same anger, the same jealousy the same frustration, even 50 years of it.  Isn't that a proof that for those people pure experiencing isn't more value?  If pure experiencing works for you, great, but know this, that you and everyone else are totally transparent.  We all see your stuff still running, even if you don't.


Then where is this conditioning to be found?  Well it has to be predominantly verbal, (and the words have feelings and moods too).  Actually I am finding that a deep look into my conditioning is always available by merely looking into my words and beliefs.  A whole other, rewarding, and feeling world is right here right now, if I stop my damaging self-talk.  You think that you can't control self talk?  Try it, you will know that you can.  These sign posts are readily seen.


That seems to be the opportunity  of investigating this "leadership course", and I take leadership to mean only LEAD MY OWN LIFE, and nothing more. 

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