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David Robert Ord

What isn’t generally recognized is that the emptiness at the heart of everything is an emptiness of forms, but a fullness of being.

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Emptiness feels alien to us because few of us are really in touch with our being, only with aspects of our form, such as our physicality, thoughts, and emotions.


It’s this emptiness that Jesus encountered—and allowed himself to be engulfed by. Unless we allow ourselves to be swallowed up by it, we don’t ever really find our true self.


As Jesus put it, you have to lose your life as you’ve known it if you are ever to find it in an authentic way.


For Jesus, the consequence of being swallowed by the void was that all sense of ego was absent from him, in place of which he experienced the fullness of being that is the divine—a fullness he referred to repeatedly as the I am that is God.


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David Ord on the Presence Process

Perhaps a belief in "Original Sin" and self worth issues have caused us to endlessly apologize for self.  If that finally goes we are rid of the Pain Body.  Then we just relax and enjoy life.  We can move from a deficit based life into an asset based life.