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David Michael Rivers

Let the Divine catch up with you

Meet David Rivers

A kind of urban Tantric Yogi, David Rivers is also a writer, artist and spiritual journalist. In his early twenties he was profoundly impacted by a sudden and unexpected spiritual awakening which birthed a powerful flow of subtle life energy known as Kundalini. His spiritual journey has been filled with paradox, with bliss and pain co-existing in equal measure, in a kind of dance between darkness and light.


He is the author of The Dance of Stillness and the founder of Tandava Press. Currently living in Newcastle Australia, David is dedicated to the creative expression of Awakening in daily life, He offers regular Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes along with  workshops and  residential retreats.


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David Rivers, Yoga of Service, act on it

Let your experience of awareness inform your daily living.  That is what I have been wanting to say.  Too many seem to say let your experience of awareness substitute for your daily living.  Vast testimony shares that would be a very dry and dead life.


On the question of what practice to follow, David says "Jump to enlightened living."  Why not take the direct route?