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Daniel Hirtz

All I ever want is it to live my life as an expression of it.

Meet Daniel Hirtz

Daniel is the founder of “Tune into Life” and the “Breathe for Peace” project.  Daniel’s talent as a musician,qualified rebirther,and seminar leader has given him the pleasure of working closely with groups and individuals on a continuous basis over the last twentyfive years in the US and Europe.  Trained in such varied fields as group dynamics,art therapy,and energy healing, Daniel’s foremost passion is the liberation that comes with realizing the truth of our being.


He invites you to join him in a nurturing,safe environment,to play and enjoy!


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Daniel Hirtz is Electric

Wouldn't it be obvious if I am able to SEE something about life, that I would be moved to LIVE IT?  To express what I see?


Observing the world, maybe it doesn't seem that obvious?  Daniel is an activist.  He wants to stire up collective courage to live our dreams.  Can we do that better if we hold hands?  Why not?  Here is my hand, I want to be in on it.