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Inner Freedom is a state of presence, expansion and joy that is not conditioned by outer circumstances, (for no reason).

Meet Cecil Rye Olsen

 Following a major crisis in the fall of 2003 the inner guidance took me through a series of very powerful retreats and satsangs, which culminated in a 10-day process, where I received enlightenment on September 6th 2004. Divine Presence completely permeated my being, dissolving me into nothingness.... turning me into everything at the same time.


My heart became my home, and in it there is an experience of infinite space, a complete inner freedom and a bubbling undercurrent of love, joy and humor, which is not conditioned by anything at all…. it is always there – also when I am crying. I have no words to describe the intensity of the Presence flowing through my system. Life is full of life, so totally simple and natural because I am now holding on to nothing and holding nothing away :o)) I really want to pass on the gift – I think it is an inbuilt feature in it……. To share the Presence and the experience of the magic og life on this planet. To be able to see the fullness of each moment – right here, right now.

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Cecil Rye Olsen, Porosity of the Me

 Abiding in vastness doesn't retract from any experience.  It may feel a retracting reaction, but doesn't close down.