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A New Consciousness Ending the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness part 3

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E: If we had a true depiction of where we are today in our world, it would look something like this in a cartoon: You would see a caveman with long tangled hair and a beard and a big club in his hand. He’d have his woman by the hair, and in front of him would be a computer. That’s where we are today.

Questioner: The conspiracy of ineffectiveness?

E: Yes. So we are thousands of years ahead in technology, and as a species we’re still dragging the woman around by the hair with a club in our hand and we’ve got a computer there. Do you see the analogy? That’s our psychological movement – the movement that the caveman was.

Q: How would you get people to see that we’re being ineffective?

E: That’s the difficult thing. You know why. It is because they call Bill Gates and Warren Buffett hugely successful, and that’s proof that our species is working.

Q: Everyone should aspire to be rich...

E: So you have Buffett and Gates along with a whole lot of other people. Not to say that they’re so horrible for having all that money, but look at the folks in Afghanistan. Look at the people in Pakistan and Africa.

Q: The suffering and the poor...

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A New Consciousness The End of the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness Part 1

Edward JonesEdward Jones

Questioner: You often use the phrase “Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness.” Will you explain what that means?

Edward: The word conspire comes from Latin meaning to breathe together, so it means the whole planet is conspiring to keep itself ineffective. That is how deep the ineffectiveness is. It means that anybody who stands up and begins to proclaim the ineffectiveness of our world is immediately silenced and put off to the side, and they have special little places where they can put people like that. So it’s seemingly a coming together of all the forces of the ineffective world to keep itself that way, and everything they do demands that we do less than all that we can do. So the conspiracy of ineffectiveness is being less than we can actually be.

Q: What are some examples of our ineffectiveness? What is it that we’re ineffective at?

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New Consciousness Open Mind

Edward JonesEdward Jones

The word new means never having been before, and yet it is consistently used to indicate the repetition of things in our lives. Perhaps, we need to create a distinction for this word, and refer to it only when something is actually new to ourselves and each other.

This use of the word new to indicate something is new when it is not is the destruction of the word itself. Often, in today’s usage, the word new refers only to a different introduction of an old item or idea. The marketing world understands that people have the desire for something new, and they perpetuate the idea of newness while giving us the same old garbage. We've come to accept that new isn't really new, but just the same old dressed up in new clothes.

The heralding of a new consciousness coming to earth is a prophesy, or a glimpse by a few, of a time coming when we will enter into the Age of Aquarius or peace on earth. A new consciousness can manifest only when there is a transformation of self, which creates the holder of the new consciousness.

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Beyond Duality

I am hesitant to commit this to the 'outer mind' of objects and rationalizations in the written word, but WisdomPoint works with integral heuristics and experimentation, so here we go...

Maybe the category "dualism" does not allow for the possibilities of 'unity in diversity', but instead imposes non-dualism? WisdomPoint works with the integral effect or function of 'reversible or cyclic causality'. We are not stuck in duality, but are working with the transcending function of polar opposites. The transcending creation. One and One equals One as an absolute state, but One and One equals Three as a relative development.

This is based on the humble recognition that non-duality can never be as long as there is a body and form. And if you commit suicide chances are you will NOT enter into samadhi or nirvana, but into your self made karma. Sure, we can speculate and formulate reductively what it is like to be without a body or a mind, but that is grasshopper spirituality. Our karmic footprint has prescribed the ONE in a body, with emotions and a mind to boot. Ramana Maharshi violently and decisively crashed through this boundary of the body to find 'I-I'. Atma vichara can provide glimpses of this state of samadhi, but never the whole state as long as there is some form or body left to deal with.

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I put this post under non-duality, but it is neither duality nor non-duality in terms of a supposed contradiction.

In the end, it is all about real change on an individual and collective scale. This accelerating change in the balance of the ‘crucible of being’ we understand as awareness-action. On one hand increasing awareness improves our sense of purpose, motivation, goals, decisions, objectives and executive action. On the other hand the trajectory of improving executive action increases our awareness in turn. This direct and reversible causation between awareness and action, action and awareness, unfolds as the transcendent path of experience and knowing between the impersonal, universal and timeless principle and a personal, particular instance of accountability, emotion, motivation and action in the passing minutes and hours of our own life.

Awareness-action is a polar cycling that innately produces self-realization and world-transformation. ‘World’ is infinitely external and ’self’ is infinitely internal. As a polarity they constitute the reversible causality that makes awareness and experience possible. Both, experience or awareness are not possible if self lacks world (there is nothing to experience or be aware of), or world lacks self (any world derives from perception and interpretation).