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10 Unanswered Questions on Reality

1) Every object is made up of Molecules and Atoms, including our own Body. If we have to really see the real objects, we must see all items only as Atoms, say, Protons, Neutrons and Electrons instead of Solid Items. In reality we see everything as Solid Objects which includes our body. Where does the trick happen, so that the reality is hidden from our eyes and we see only an Objectified Reality? Where does the Trick Happen? Why should the Trick happen at all?

2) While dreaming we don't have the sense of dreaming. Only when we come out of the dream we get the sense of the dream. What is the guarantee that the reality we experience is absolutely real? When we die or get good senses and if getup somewhere as something else, will this reality not become yet another dream? How can we refute the idea that this reality is not an yet another dream? There is no appreciable difference between Reality and Dream. In dreams we don't doubt its reality. We are confident that it is real. So also we feel that our waking reality is real. What is guarantee that the reality we experience is also not a different kind of a dream?

3) If we don't have consciousness we will all be like Zombies or robots. There is no appreciable difference between us and robots except that we are conscious. First of all, why should something like Consciousness exist? Why can't existence be without consciousness? Since, this question can not arise without a preexisting consciousness, consciousness in all probabilities must be the one and the only fundamental and essential reality of all existence.

4) We observe the world using our 5 Senses only. There are billions of hidden data which our brain is incapable of decoding like Ultrasonic Sound, X Rays, Infra red Rays, cosmic Rays and many more things that we can't even imagine. Why is the brain selectively designed to process and decode only select data and not all the data around us? Why is the design so conspired?

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Man acknowledges the presence of wisdom through language universally.
Call wisdom: sagesse, sapienza, Weisheit, sabiduria, sophia, viisaus, visdom, wijsheid, mudrost; write it in Cyrillic or Devanagari script; write it in Arabic, Chinese or Bengali script – there is wisdom, acknowledged and honoured by man as the highest attribute. From the word wisdom emanates mystery, simplicity, eternity, indestructability. It is incontrovertible, without colour or persuasion, without force or guile, without time or place.
For many centuries, wisdom has been available to man through ancient languages such as Sanskrit or Greek. The understanding of wisdom has been gifted to those proficient in these languages, whilst those who were not proficient in them had to rely on translations, especially the western man.
However, only those who understood these languages and the messages of the enlightened sages totally were able to provide authentic translations. As Sanskrit and Greek languages were replaced by modern languages, the numbers of those with total understanding obviously dwindled. They were replaced by those without total understanding of ancient languages and the messages of the enlightened sages as well. The authors without total understanding who interpreted the enlightened sages became sages, but nevertheless not enlightened. This was the moment when wisdom was replaced by the superficial understanding of the interpreters. Wisdom became knowledge. As the authentic messages of the enlightened sages dwindled for lack of authentic translators, the unreliable messages of the interpreters became popular. This popular knowledge was accepted as wisdom universally. Man was not aware at those times that it was knowledge and not wisdom. The situation is the same even in present times.
This process whereby knowledge is taken to be wisdom has been happening for more than ten centuries and is still going on.

I can make the body move whenever I want.


Quick update. Posted 1 year ago. Been looking for non dual enlightenment for 6 years now. Have read online, watched on youtube, done self-inquiry untill I just drop on the ground exhausted, staring at a white wall, desperate....and discarding every thought that passes by. Seeking hurts. I can't understand this with thought. And still experiments go on and on and on. Seeking, desperation, seeking, dropping, seeking, letting go, seeking, wishing nothing. I reached a low point in seeking. There were glimpses of that everything was happening by itself and during the day also see that most of the thought arise by themselves. Attention and intention and little movement. All ok. Same with walking. No effort in walking. BUt then the ego comes back and the non-I thing is lost because my experience is that I can make the body move whenver I want.

All experiments during the last 3 years are like this:

- thought arises that says 'I can raise my hand up in the air whenever I want'

Sometimes the hand doesn't get lift up. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it is seen that intention is happening by itself. Proyecting consciously in the head that the hand is gonna move up is happening by itself. And then the slight second of doubt during the action. After thought says 'I have done ít'. Sometimes there is no after thought when It seems that the hand is moving up without effort.

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Non-dual realization is the loss of one of the most incredible abilities: to have personal issues

Here's another one:

Non-dual realization is the loss of one of the most incredible abilities: to have personal issues, growth, development and evolution.

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non-duality is the ultimate excuse, but it doesn't have any guarantee

Good-day everyone, this just came to mind:

non-duality is the ultimate excuse, but it doesn't have any guarantee.

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We are dependent

What came to me last night is how dependent we all are. Growing up is of course becoming independent, and in some aspects it may take a lifetime. However, beyond that independence is a joke.

Just consider how long we can survive without air, water, or food. And those also depend on so many things, like the sun, the atmosphere and the whole of society. We all want to be independent, but the whole strive just leads to separation. Independence doesn't exist. But when we have so-called securities such as income, it's easy to believe in independence. And even in hard times it's attractive to hang on to the idea that we could be independent in the future. If we believe in independence, we can believe in independent others and not care for them. The seeing of dependence leads to love and freedom from separation.

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Meeting Truth with Florian & Julia in the USA October & November 2011

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

There is a presence within you that does not know suffering. It is pure joy that has no cause. THAT is who you most deeply are. Florian and Julia offer to journey with you to recognize this truth for yourself.

Florian will be travelling through the US in October sharing Meetings in various cities. He is going to be in Seattle mid October, at the SAND conference in San Rafael and in Santa Cruz. By the end of October Julia will be joining him in Atlanta, Boston, New York City and for the 7-day Silent Retreat on the Florida keys mid November.

In Atlanta and Boston Julia will be available for Ladies Meetings. The invitation here is to rest as a women in the company of other ladies and explore the uniqueness of this expression. There is space to speak and to be silent. There is space for you to be just as you are - perfect anyway. Welcome.

Find more details at

Join this amazing exploration into deeper possibilities of freedom.

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Non-duality: non-separateness of the inner child

A Fresh LookA Fresh Look

I know that the terminology of the inner child is not so popular in non-dual circles. Even talking about emotions is sometimes frowned upon. In my opinion, life gets dull if stuff like that is only seen as an illusion. It’s a valid perspective, but if it’s the only possible perspective, I actually see it as a subtle rejection. If both sides of the coin are seen, inclusion is also welcomed, also of emotions and child-like behavior. So here I want to present to you the other side of the coin, the non-separateness of the inner child.

Full text under 'read more'... also a pet home video for fun ;-)

The way I define the inner child here, is a childlike functioning of our organism. It can be a great source of creativity, and also of a painful way of functioning and self-sabotage. There is much material out there on healing the inner child, using painting and other arts, writing child stories, doing emotional work and much more. What I want to point out is that phrasing it as ‘healing the inner child’ actually still has a perspective of separation in it, because then it looks like you and your inner child are two different things. Healing is really just the seeing that there is no separation from the inner child. In my understanding the creative process, for example making drawings, is of great use in making this seeing possible.

In many of the works on the inner child, there seems to be a belief that it needs to be managed somehow. Although that might be useful for some, if it’s seen that the inner child is not separate there can be a different movement. The energy which previously went into this management can now flow into creativity.

So, here’s an interesting way of participating in a creative flow! There are many ways of accessing the inner child. One way is: think about a childhood memory where you felt really good. It can be a certain place like a playground, a book someone read to you, etc. Another way is meditatively asking the inner child what it wants (you’ll have to pretend for a moment that it’s separate) which can be anything from going to the movies to dancing. If you know what it wants you can start experiment with that, of course within reasonably limits. There are many ways of accessing the inner child, and also there are many books and websites on the subject.

So as you can see from these examples, it’s actually just like daily life, there’s a pretending part and a seeing part: sometimes pretending that we’re separate and also the seeing of oneness.

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Ode to Life~Resplendent Beauty

In lucid wakefulness

with eyes of innocence

we are freely given the

ancient wisdom

of maintaining this

untouchable sacredness

consciously, joyously

and steadfast.

Traversing the other side of the veil

only pure seeing remains.

Once again,

Om Mani Padme Hum,

the embodiment of compassion

invoked powerfully

and irreversible.

All is allowed

and gently, lovingly

tenderly embraced

yet wise discernment

happens in pure being,

deliciously and exquisitely

on its own accord–

no-doing, no doer.

Resting in the heartspace,

wonders upon wonders

open up

like the petals of

the flower of life,

consumed by the violet flame.

Angels and mermaids,

dolphins in the turquoise sea,

shimmering light

of pure enchantment

reflecting our

starry bodies

in the firmament

as on earth,

equanimity throughout.

Use your beautiful gifts

in selfless service to all.

As above, so below, still

holding eternally true.

Traveling freely between beloved

Mother Earth and

the magical Pleiades

on to Orion,

feeling the crystal grid

surrounding our planet

activated by

the ancient wisdom keepers

of the Sun and Moon pyramids.

Life’s vivacious freshness

now happening unhindered–

swim with its powerful current,

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5 day Mini-Retreat in Reading - England

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

As some of you know already, the Silent Retreat in Reading-England is a special treat. Taking place only a few weeks before Christmas it is a fantastic opportunity to become quiet and centered inside, which actually is the true invitation of Christmas.

To serve this purpose fully we have decided to shorten this years Retreat to 5 days and explore in a more intimate circle. Exploring in a smaller group allows more space to be for each one of us. Also anybody being part of this circle has more time and can receive more of a gentle quality of attention. All this enhances the feeling of safety quite dramatically, which really is the number one prerequisite for the system to open up and explore deeply.

This is a beautiful opportunity to allow your system to be in a safe and respectful environment, something most of us have never experienced in our entire life. Such an amazing possibility for cellular healing!

Reading is easy to reach, only about a 1 hour train ride from central London.

For further information and registration please contact Jim: phone: +44-(0)1424 756964

Please note: The Retreat will start Sunday, Nov 28th afternoon and end Thursday, Dec 2nd afternoon.

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