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Individual Initiative for Environmental Care and Survival - by Bhashkar Perinchery

Bhashkar PerincheryBhashkar Perinchery

This text was first published on July 11th, 1992, at the one-year celebration of the Academy initiated by the author in Freiburg, Germany


1. This world - an organic unity
2. Individual initiative and global measures
3. Water, air and other important resources for life on this planet under
administration of the UNO
4. A part of the military personal to be further trained to function for environmental care
and international development-help with the UNO as coordinator
5. Help for the industries to switch over to environment-friendly products
6. Overpopulation, poverty and their interconnectedness
7. Ambassadors of Life and Friendship (ALFs)
8. Significance and responsibility of the individual human being
9. Individual initiative in practice
10. The important step for survival: A jump from one-dimensionality to multi-dimensionality.

1. This World - An Organic Unity

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