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Always undisturbed . . .

I (We) don't need mind's approval, compliance, say-so, confirmation, assertion, know-how . . . to be in the moment.

I am (We are) here now. I am (We are) always in the moment. I am (We are) never not now.

And "now", "emptiness", "awareness" . . . is always undisturbed . . . hmmm.

A Shift Into Enlightenment

I just wanted to share my latest blog post. It's about how I managed to shift into non-dual awareness.



You're not who you think you are...

Hi, please check out my facebook page for more insight on who you really are...

<3 me.

I can make the body move whenever I want.


Quick update. Posted 1 year ago. Been looking for non dual enlightenment for 6 years now. Have read online, watched on youtube, done self-inquiry untill I just drop on the ground exhausted, staring at a white wall, desperate....and discarding every thought that passes by. Seeking hurts. I can't understand this with thought. And still experiments go on and on and on. Seeking, desperation, seeking, dropping, seeking, letting go, seeking, wishing nothing. I reached a low point in seeking. There were glimpses of that everything was happening by itself and during the day also see that most of the thought arise by themselves. Attention and intention and little movement. All ok. Same with walking. No effort in walking. BUt then the ego comes back and the non-I thing is lost because my experience is that I can make the body move whenver I want.

All experiments during the last 3 years are like this:

- thought arises that says 'I can raise my hand up in the air whenever I want'

Sometimes the hand doesn't get lift up. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it is seen that intention is happening by itself. Proyecting consciously in the head that the hand is gonna move up is happening by itself. And then the slight second of doubt during the action. After thought says 'I have done ít'. Sometimes there is no after thought when It seems that the hand is moving up without effort.

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Only This One is Fit ~ Mooji


 "Only This One is Fit" ~ Mooji

By special request: The request for this story to be posted was made by someone who attended satsang the day of this recording, and was deeply touched by the story of the king. Also included in this video is the preceding dialogue; from the uncut DVD "Drop Yourself".

"Even the imagined life stands on the support of the universal support; but in the mind of consciousness, if it believes itself to be an individual, "doing", it comes into the dream of karma... The push, the impulse, of consciousness is to undress itself in this body of its dreaming. It's tired of sleep, it's tired of nightmares, it's tired of suffering!" (Mooji)

PS:  the day after posting this video to YouTube, I received this message on Facebook from another friend who attended satsang when this video was recorded: "The next day a note came to Mooji with a question: ' why did you cry when telling the story yesterday ?' "  "Because I was happy" said Mooji


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Contemplate This! ~ Mooji

The following is a write-up copied/pasted from Mooji's website []:

Mooji highly recommendeds the video, "Contemplate This!", as one of the clearest pointers to the everlasting truth.

Mooji says, "I want serious seekers to study this video, contemplate its message and discuss their findings with me the next time we have an opportunity to meet."

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NEW! - What are we? Phenomena? Stories? or Neither? - A Clarification on how we share - audio

Cory BrightCory Bright


I will get to those direct blow "you" away audios and really looking for a bunch of video sharings to arise as well. However for now, I think this new audio sharing has it's place to alleviate the mind a little when it finds contradictory nondual sharings that all make sense somehow! lol

This audio just skirts that a little, (not heavily specifically targeted) but I think can be of enormous clarity if your mind gets to wrapped up in the subtle or outright differences that arise as different nondual like sharings.... enjoy this explanative (also potentially mind blowing) perspective!

In order to listen.... please do go to my homepage at

and specifically under my picture is.... the new audio entitled...

"NEW! - What are we? Phenomena? Stories? or Neither? - A Clarification on how we share - audio"

Unable to embed it here for now..

Love & Blessings
Cory Bright

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AWARENESS ~ A Video Satsang Dialogue with Mooji

A satsang dialogue with Mooji about Awareness.

"Everything has its source in the Awareness itself." (Mooji)

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Pure Seeing

Whatever arises

does so now, here,

grace to Pure Awareness,

perceivable only

as many “times”

as attention was

denied, ignored or

put elsewhere


resting as this

Heart of

Pure Awareness.

So many chances

each day

to look directly

at what arises.

No need to go back

to old stories,

attachments, wounds,


Just pure seeing,

then directing


to the subtle witness

that projects

these images

onto the movie screen

one by one

until only

pure seeing


in this dream

of otherness,

lucid dreaming


Grace’s wakeful

Heart present-ness.

The subtle witness

and its myriad arisings,

no matter what their form,

appearance, appeal, resistance,

always one and the same,

both void of

intrinsic reality,

empty in and of themselves

as Pure Awareness

is All.

Embracing them

via pure seeing,

their sting

peacefully dissolves,

the little wave

surrenders onto the shore

and knows itself

as water again as

the sun ray is

representative of

all pervading



as Heart Awareness


right here,

right now

where clouds

seemed to veil

our eternal


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Silent Seeing


silent seeing

Silent Seeing

Silent Seeing is the transparency of Awareness that looks without judgement. It sees the games of the small mind which wants to feel superior through separation.

Silent Seeing is the full Emptiness, sometimes called Buddha Mind or Christ Consciousness. It is before time the timeless one Light of Now in which all names and forms dissolve.