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NEW! - What are we? Phenomena? Stories? or Neither? - A Clarification on how we share - audio

Cory BrightCory Bright


I will get to those direct blow "you" away audios and really looking for a bunch of video sharings to arise as well. However for now, I think this new audio sharing has it's place to alleviate the mind a little when it finds contradictory nondual sharings that all make sense somehow! lol

This audio just skirts that a little, (not heavily specifically targeted) but I think can be of enormous clarity if your mind gets to wrapped up in the subtle or outright differences that arise as different nondual like sharings.... enjoy this explanative (also potentially mind blowing) perspective!

In order to listen.... please do go to my homepage at

and specifically under my picture is.... the new audio entitled...

"NEW! - What are we? Phenomena? Stories? or Neither? - A Clarification on how we share - audio"

Unable to embed it here for now..

Love & Blessings
Cory Bright

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One more audio added to THE OPEN WAY homepage and videos to come. A real blessing to share here! Thankyou for looking!

Cory BrightCory Bright

Hi All,

Well, decided to add one more audio to my homepage.... and share a little more here... each one there seems to have a little different tone and quality.... playing around with these crude audios! lol

Great to speak and share as awareness itself... sometimes with more of the flavor of "Cory" and other times comes out way beyond the sense that Cory is doing it! Well... anyway... gotta love how it all arises.

Find the newest audio "Perspective"... on my homepage at (unable to upload here for now)

So looking forward to sharing more audios and my first videos soon!! Hey, it just happens... what can I say!! lol

Thankyou for honoring yet another post here!


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