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Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen

Inner freedom is to become that which you have always been.

Meet Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen

Before I was a tree looking at the other trees in the forest. I often compared, evaluated, judged and condemned myself and the other trees. Even though I was aware of the projections it was a nightmare. As a tree I knew that there was something called the Forest but I had only in brief moments experienced to be that.


Suddenly it happened. The whole Forest filled me. The sense of being an individual tree vanished and I was the Forest. At first I thought it was one of these temporary experiences. But no, it didn’t change. I continued to be the Forest. Now I am the Forest looking at the Forest. It is an amazing experience in every sparkling now. I can still see the peculiar tree called Bruhn but I am no more this limited personality. I am free and infinitely grateful.


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Bruhn on Consciousness in the World

First Please forgive us for the degraded and pixelated focus.  We tried 3 locations on 3 nights to find a better internet and failed.  So then we decided to just talk anyway.  you can treat this as a radio program.

I am in my period of charging spirituality as complicit in all the mischief in the world, on that realization that every yield solicits a push.  Therefore the coaching that you can turn away from mind, creates a great empty space in mind where nonconcerned individuals will play.  Especiall when we have delegated people to preform tasks for the good of all and don't even watch them.

Bruhn is very clear and very practicle with his response.