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Canela Michelle Meyers

This moment that you have been looking for, high and low, is Here; is your Self.

Meet Canela Michelle

Stop what you are doing, what you are thinking, and experience this gift of yourSelf. It is always available, always has been and always will be. Stop to receive the experiencing, whatever that is, in This Moment - not another moment from the past, nor in an idea of the future, This Moment right Now...just as it is, allow your attention to rest with That which Is.

Canela's main support in all settings is one of Self acceptance - of finding the love that exists in everything; supporting people to finding this in themselves, and in their relatings to others and their world.

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Canela Michelle, Abuse and Victimhood a Feminine Perspective
Mechanism of Freedom

Canela Michell Meyers and Reenah Sun are both Shamans of intensity. Such force cannot come out of inner volition, but seems to arrive from the outside. This is what we call abuse. Women and girls have long been subject to this treatment in distorted sectors of our society. Part of us believes that this treatment causes irreparable damage. It seems logical. We don't want to have anything to do with it. But yet these two women claim to be unscathed?
The Generating Story

These subjects are little talked about, without blame. Certainly non-duality has its skillful means of jumping over anything distasteful, as long as it is reported for the other. When it is laid on us, we probably fall out of the non-duality crowd. Listen to this wisdom. If you have these nagging memories that recreate themselves and constantly seek justification in meaning and reasons, this video. along with part 2, are for you.
Dialogue or Satsang, both impactful with Canela Michelle Meyers
So much put on the table, without concepts
Spiritual Clunkers are concepts that drop
If we want to discover what is here right now we can start out with a blank screen. If we are resorting to (I say the pablum of) spiritual concepts, then we are only verifying beliefs, not discovering.
First Webcast Satsang, Chicago on December 2nd
Lots of mature sharing
Join us again starting Noon Chicago time tomorrow Sunday. Go to web page, and nnhcallin is our skype address when we open to talk.
A Natural Life and our efforts to complicate it
Saturday Morning Web Cast
Honest People
We begin to look at our life in earnest. The perplexities course through our bodies as feelings and moods, and every facet seems separate, disconnected and apart from the other.
Saturday Evening Web Cast
Collective Numbness
What is this "meeting in truth" for but to throw off a numbness to life that we have constructed out of inherited fear. Doesn't that sum up the collective drama of the human species?
Rounding out the Full weekend with Canela
Our 4th meeting Sunday Morning
I presented my insight into the root of numbness
I keynoted Sunday with a description of human violence which created quite a stir, even with Canela. Normally we think we are in a "special satsang space" that should remain sanctified. How can that separateness be real, and how could any separateness be justified with non-duality? Yet we do it all the time. I have a lot of irritation around this subject.
Our 5th meeting Sunday Afternoon
I found myself on the speaking couch with my wife
I said some things that, believe it or not, I have never been able to get out or get received before. Later I found a great weight had lifted from my shoulders and around my neck. I think that Iole and I will be totally different with each other, but now I will be in AU for 90 days and will not so directly see that evidence.

Canela Michelle and Ramana Spencer share Love

I really felt and received the love of Canela and Ramana.

Canela Michelle in Chicago, 1st weekend December

Canela Michelle MeyersCanela Michelle Meyers

Warming up to a full season of web casts from Australia we start just before we leave for Down Under. with . . .

A Weekend with Canela (USA central time zone, google 'world clock' find Chicago times)  Call In with Skype to address nnhcallin.  Turn off broadcast audio and listen only through Skype when you are on a call.

All sessions broadcast live and FREE with call-ins HERE

  • Friday December 2nd 7:00 - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday December 3rd Noon to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday December 4th Noon to 5:00 pm
  • Monday December 5th Private sessions available

You're invited to attend in person at: 1310 Marengo Ave, Forest Park, IL 60130

(Fri. Evening: $15, Sat. & Sun. $60 each
Whole weekend attendance discounted rate: $115

Below are 6 short snippets of Canela, 


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    Canela Michelle Meyers Book Launch

    "Right Here Right Now Meditations"


    I started building a metaphor that I wanted to develop into the idea that for the most part we lead "virtual lives".  Canela got the point exactly before I even got it out, "why don't we just take the elements of life that are showing up in every moment, and play the game with them?"


    I seem to be very much in sync with Canela, or her with I.  What comes out is exactly the points that I wish to capture.  Great fun.

    Valentines wishes from Canela Michelle

    Let's talk about love on this Valentines Day.


    OK, I'll call you in an hour.

    Canela Michelle, immense interest for life
    About youth and "passing the torch"
    Let interest be your guide in this life

     An alternative education, an authentic life follows what is up for this moment.  Let interest unfold creatively, and always lead to what is true for you in this moment.


    Even acknowledging an "interest" that seems dark, self limiting, foreboding or frustrating.  Is it wrong to describe as an interest, our fascination with inadequacy and neediness?  OK, it is one thing to be so fascinated with what this trail of thought will lead to.  Perhaps it is another to just let the feeling reverberate, without giving meaning.