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What is it like living with Reenah?

By Un-Registered - Posted on 02 October 2012

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Reenah Sun is unique for me, in that I don't feel any blame from her.  She inquires into her reactions and traces the thought thread back until they deconstruct.  In that atmosphere, I am able to do the same.  We receive each other as the miracle that we are, not by creating a new concept of "holy miracle", but by moving off of all concepts.  What is left is holy without any word.  We are both committed to creating life from that point of no view.

 Awakened Living doesn't mean no Reactions


We Justify each and every Distasteful Thing, Our Pain



But how long do you stay stuck in the mud?  I can remember times in my life were the same bog had me for 10 years.  Now I don't care to give that dirt 10 minutes.

Explain, explain, explain.  Does it do any good all our self justification, or is that the mechanism of our self abuse?

Spiritual "not Knowing" has no reasons nor justifications.



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