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Something resonates in what Paul Lowe says.

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By RichardMiller - Posted on 26 July 2014

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 As a person evolves in consciousness, eventually they come to the state where they say, I don’t know what is happening anymore.  This is known as a - good - sign.  You see, we never really know what is happening.  We only think that we do.  And the only way that the mind can feel comfortable with itself, is to feel that it knows what is happening.  And the only way that it can think it knows what’s happening, is by comparison.  If you keep evolving, if you keep becoming more conscious, eventually you find that there is nothing to which you can compare.  Because all has become so old that it is irrelevant.  All the old ways have become so old, that you can’t relate to them anymore.  


So we get the term ‘the dark night of the soul’, but the main thing is, that it is a sort of lostness.  You have lost your connections or your meanings to the old, and you haven’t found the new one.  Now the good, and the bad news is that you never will find one, there isn’t one.  Now, doesn’t have one.  


In the other, let’s say unpleasant side, you can no longer relate to people who are still on the comparison level, the old way.   Because something has changed so that you see so clearly that what we used to call reality, is no longer real to you. 


Old friends and acquaintances or people that you meet, are still at that level.  When you were in the old paradigm you will find that you were never without a problem, (accept maybe if you get high).  There is always something.  And if you follow that something, if you track it back, you’ll find that it tracks back to fear.  Fear is always there.  Sometimes more in the foreground when it is obvious, if it is not obvious in the background.  But it is still driving your life.  Fear of - you can go endlessly into what the fear is of in each moment.   Getting out of that paradigm, fear gets so far away that you’re not connected to it anymore.   


That sounds good, doesn’t it.  But when it happens, you don’t have a reference point.  You realize that previously you always had a reference point.  Even if it was unpleasant, you knew where you were.  But in this new state you see that the exact problem is unsolvable, or if it is, it isn’t really resolved, because there will be another one, and another one.  On that level, it can’t be solved.  When that is gone, all your references dissapear, because there is nothing with which you can really compare. 


Now you realize that you are in a state to which you have no reference, (actually you have always been in that state.)  Do you feel good, or bad?  You don’t know, because in this state the dichotomies have merged.  They may not be totally one, but they are so close together now, you can’t tell what’s going on.  They’re so close, that they are now both.  Eventually they will be neither.  Because these dichotomies are just the way that the mind tries to handle the world to keep you safe.  


Many things might appear opposite, but on this new level, it just is.  Everything just is.  So that’s why it is called the dark night of the soul.  You can’t see anything. You can’t see what is, and what isn’t. 


At that time you usually reach a situation that will support you.  It is not a coincidence. Your frequency is now drawing something to you to support you.  Perhaps supportive situations are always here, but we can’t see them unless we make ourselves available. Let’s just imagine that that which we call existence, is there for us.  Every single thing that happens to you in your life is for you.  It’s helping you to see yourself more clearly. It is helping you to see where you are not seeing yourself clearly. 


You can even say, what is there in this moment, is for me. You make yourself available, if you tune in.  How?  Every time you feel a complaint, stop. Don’t support your complaint. Just let it lie there. Make a space by finding what you can be grateful for.  You make a space, because gratefulness expands. When you complain you contract, you close off. And you’re not so in touch with what is there for you. 


Back to the dark night of the soul. It’s wonderful. It’s you having a paradigm shift.  It’s a shift from always looking at everything in duality to this new way of not knowing.  If you embrace that, then you say “I’m not going to go looking for how to go back.”  I’m going to be with this new way, with this not knowing.  As soon as you make that decision, more support will be available to you. Disconnect from the old way, and allow yourself to be in a space where you don’t know. 


The fact is, we don’t know. Nobody does. 


When you look for this space, you’re going to look from the old way, and you won’t see it.  You’ll never know what it is.  Because knowing has to have its opposite, unknowing.  And this doesn’t have an opposite. It just is.  You’re not in that space.  You are that space.  Each one of us is the whole. But we will never understand that. We can be in it, because we are it. But not in our old way of understanding. 


When this uncertainty happens, don’t try and be certain.  Be uncertain. Not knowing is the most intimate. The mind won’t let you alone for a long time, because it will keep saying, it is this, it is that. It can take care of you in practical ways, but in this new way, you need to not know. 


Just sitting there calmly.  Nothing to fear. Nothing at all on the outside has changed. But you’re not finding the good and the bad, which are the result of knowing.  There is nothing to compare. You really don’t know, and you allow that.  Even though thoughts keep going back to how it must be, and what this means.  Just stay with not knowing.  Do it when you feel ready to do so.

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Richard Miller: "Something resonates in what Paul Lowe says.
As a person evolves in consciousness, eventually they come to the state where they say, I don’t know what is happening anymore."

Response: Primitive man came to know as consciousness evolved life, so therefore a person will always know what is happening as consciousness evolves more. A person will come to a state of not knowing what is happening anymore, only if consciousness stops evolving, and consciousness makes evolution evolve every moment and never stops the evolution. If consciousness stops evolution life will stop. Other points in the text are not addressed as the first point does not make logical sense to resonate.

Marcus Stegmaier

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A few days ago I transcribed what is written above from an audio. I left out some of the examples that I thought were less useful. Now let’s look at what I did write, and see if we can make it more universal.

1. Lowe often talks about you're evolving, you're becoming more conscious. He also explains much by stating that there are frequencies and levels, and stating who is, and who isn’t “at that level”. For me, he is alluding to a doorway or a stairway that is completely unnecessary. It’s unnecessary for both sides of the equation. The ones around him, to whom he is talking feel special, (and they do, I've seen that) and those outside can’t participate, because they are not at that level yet.

I say there are no prerequisite levels! You can get all of this, right now.

2. “The only way that the mind (I object to that subdivision too, let’s say thought process) can feel comfortable with itself is to feel that it knows what is happening.” This is a really important link to notice and to experiment with. The link is that conundrums in thought process immediately reflect in bodily contraction. You don’t feel good. The particular type of logic that can satisfy your process has been learned. Therefore it can be unlearned or changed.

When you really see this, then the ‘feeling bad’ doesn’t have to motivate an action (or an inaction). Just wait and see, and don’t go down that well worn path again.

3. “Comparison benchmarks become really old”. Yes they are irrelevant to everything, except for keeping that old structure in tact. I am not saying that they should be dismantled, but continue with them with awareness as to what they really are, made-up temporary structures. Move from them when you feel ready.

4. “The dark night of the soul is really a sort of lostness”. That is great. Now it is not a thing anymore, but the absence of another thing, the believed in story. This insight is empowering.

5. “Old friends fall away”. OK, but don’t go for ‘levels’, that you are now superior to them. So you are bored with old discussions. If you were compassionate you would still talk with them and search for language that could transform their understanding. Even a little bit. They leave you because you're arrogant. Paul Lowe has given up on this for the most part. Now he only talks to the inner circle. I’ve seen him get agitated when he talks with someone whom he thinks doesn’t get him. Me for instance, I was never one to fall into line.

6. “That old paradigm is based on problem recognition (or problem creation). And then it always tracks back to fear”. Fear is not something to be embarrassed about. Perhaps one function of thought is to chart a course around what it believes are risks, (fear). How can a thought process believe? It doesn’t have any such power. It is just where you have moved away from further investigation. It is you that has left the thought process in this limbo. It is the broken path of inquiry where you have abdicated from being here and just looking. (Perhaps there was also a lot of agreement to leave at that point.) How do you leave? You make up a reason. At least make up one that is loosening the grip.

7. “You’re not connected to old fears, sounds good, doesn’t it? But the disconnect from fear is by leaving your reference points.” Isn’t no reference point another fear? You don’t really loose them. They just become old enough for you to doubt them. Hey, you can doubt them right now can’t you! It doesn’t take any ‘state’ or transformation.

8. “I realize that I have always made up my reference point. I never had a real one.” Go back and read number 2. This new freedom feels funny. Try it, you might get used to it. Do you feel good or bad? It is really beyond all of that. But many champions of suffering must feel relieved.

9. “At that time you will usually reach a situation that will support you.” That’s a great insight, but now he is back to “frequency” and drawing some magic thing to you. I find these frequency concepts horribly limiting. Actually I had added the next sentence, (not his words) that support is always here, if we are available. What does available mean? It is just not already knowing an answer. It is an openness to investigate, a willingness to be here. But it is not a total breakdown, a wiping clean or a new state. It is just a little chink of doubt. It is just not being identified with knowing it all. Knowing it all is not an important feature anymore. You are no longer embarrassed to ask a question, to yourself or to others.

10. “Let’s imagine that existence is here for you. What is happening right now is for you.” Wow, that is powerful, because it promotes engagement. Engagement is the magic that transforms thought into experience. Thought, and the accompanying feeling-through-memories can appropriate our whole life process for its own limited ends. Please don’t let that happen as often as it did yesterday. That is all that it takes to be re-born.

11. “How to tune into it? Don’t complain!” That is a giant step. Who are you complaining to, and for what end. Justice/injustice is the worst. It is an imperative to spread your malicious thoughts. Just stop. OK, go to gratitude if you must talk. Otherwise be silent, silent inside and out.

12. “A paradigm shift could have a confusion interlude”. Call it the dark night of the soul or not. What does the ‘soul’ have to do with it? Is the soul the part that is hooked to, and now unhooked from reference points? Not in my perception.

13. “When you look for this space you won’t find it.” Friends, there is no ‘this space’. Exactly as you are in this moment, you can loosen from your believed in explanations. You don’t need any “paradigm shift”. Just relax. It is no more difficult than that.

Relax is not even a thing (to do). Just stop dwelling in problematic thoughts that reflect contraction into your body set. Just let those thoughts lie there. Don’t add to them nor fight them.

There is no mind to let you alone, or to keep interfering. It is just a faulty definition set. These concepts are conveniences for something, but I haven’t found out for what. Leave them lie too. That’s the limitation of a spiritual teacher. He is marinated in his favorite spiritual jargon. When you adopt the word-path of another, you get the results (or lack of results) of another. If immediate change isn’t happening, walk from that teacher.

There is the useful and counterproductive in every sharing. It is up to you to discern these two, and discard the chaff.

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