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By Un-Registered - Posted on 25 March 2011

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Check this out, it's so brilliant and so simple. I think that it is more effective than just plain micro-lending. More effective than revolution, arming the rebels, probably costs one/thousandth of the war on terror, and might actually work.

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Have you heard of spiral dynamics? Here's a link to an audio introduction by Don Beck

Spiral dynamics describes the phases of human development. In my view, by better understanding a culture it can be easier to anticipate on certain problems.

From the same website, here's the summarized story of his work in South africa:

"Dr. Don Beck, founder of Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi), based on the internationally renowned work of pioneering developmentalist Clare Graves, made over 60 trips to South Africa during the turbulent period leading up to the dismantling of apartheid. Don not only participated in many of the discussions surrounding that event, he helped coach the country's rugby team to its first international World Cup championship.

More than anything else, the entire ordeal of apartheid and its dismantling was a microcosm of developmental studies in action. The lesson brought home to Don again and again was that without an understanding of the ways in which human beings grow and evolve, there is literally no way to foster that growth and development. Nobody wants to confuse the map with the territory; but with no adequate maps at all—let alone flatly inaccurate ones—the journey to wholeness is littered with road-kill."

(from )

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It only it were that simple.

We are a militarist country that spends most of our funds supporting the military industrial complex (MIC).

We would be able to successfully implement programs like and provide free healthcare for every American... if we stopped feeding the MIC beast.

But that would take a radical transformation of national self-identification in our county.

And I see very little evidence of that occurring anytime soon.

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One way to look is through Libya, a country of 6 million people. It is like a Chicago and metro area having disagreements and we would bring in the helicopters and then arm the rebels.

Girl Effect's numbers projected into Libya would mean that there are about 100,000 girls turning 12 years old each year. A law could be passed (with or without Gaddafi) that a 12 year old girl could own livestock tax free, meaning without interference from the government or even their parents. Their birthday present would be a cow, which would cost $6,000,000 per year to include every girl. GirlEffect.Org claims that they would know what to do with it.

They would not be married off at 14, they'd stay in high school, and delay their reproductive cycle by 4-5 years, or about 3 kids less. With less population pressure the country would begin to prosper, no matter who the leaders were, and new leaders would surely reflect that prosperity. After 10 or 15 years, these now educated mothers would pass the same values and wealth on to their own children and the gift program could move to another country.

We have spent $6,000,000 every half hour, 24/7 for 7 years without a break in Iraq, with untold killing, the effect of which can't be measured in cash. That is money that still comes out of your pocket today, and neither can you escape the responsibility for the world wide ill effects that come out of it.

Richard Miller
Let all man rest in their true nature.

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Let's sink deeper in to Our Heart to recognize that the buying and selling of children, primarily girls [bondage and rape through forced marriage], is not based solely on the surface issue of economics.

Just reflect...listen to your heart...

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Before we can apply our energies and assets in a constructive venture (like the one that you cite), we must first remove our energies and assets from a destructive one (our country's militarist ventures).

Doing both like urinating into the wind.

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I don't get the analogy, what do you mean, where does the urine go?

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Because I rarely desire that my experience be someone else's (which effectively disqualifies me from any guru position that may be open), I'll encourage you to experience that experience for yourself and report your findings back to us.

Bring a change of clothing, though. That much I'll be glad to offer you.

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I don't get your urine logic man. I can visualize myself trying it but I don't get the link with helping people. I don't think anyone benefits from urine even if there wasn't any wind.

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;-) didn't know it was an official english expression.. funny language it is

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