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Amsterdam-NL, Meeting Truth with Florian & Julia

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By Florian Schlosser - Posted on 11 September 2011

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

In this meeting, Florian and Julia invite participants to self inquiry and a direct recognition of who they truly are, as well as to explore in a uniquely grounded and simple way any unconscious belief patterns that determine our way of being in life. The meeting is an invitation to BE and EMBODY what we have understood and accomplished with our minds. In this we can bring the beauty and tremendous transformative power of NON-DUALITY into the depth of the body, and therefore into daily life. Transformation takes place at a cellular level as stress and fear energy in the nervous system dis- charges. Being consciousness includes taking part in the full activity of life as well as resting in the arms of the beloved. In living as an embodiment of consciousness nothing is excluded; everything is genuinely welcomed and embraced. Living as the space of awareness becomes our embodied reality in daily life, rooted in what we love the most: BEING FREE.

Sept 27 - Oct 2, 2011

De Ruimte
Centrum voor Bewustzijnsontwikkeling
Weesperzijde 79a
1091 EJ Amsterdam

Rob +31-(0)20-6651765

public Meeting, you are welcome to just pop in, tell your friends and check our website

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