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All the Way Home Read from Paul Lowe's In Each Moment

By Un-Registered - Posted on 24 February 2011

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

As I said below, I have enjoyed reading Paul Lowe, and I am thinking that for now he is not doing any filmed talks, so doubtful that I could get him on.  You can get emails from him on a wide variety of subjects through his web site, but nothing as direct as his books, this one "In Each Moment" from 12 years ago.  

He suggested reading that earlier passage out loud, and I enjoyed what came of it, even though it was not that easy for me to read coherently, and my voice was even distorted.  But so what, it is just my disguise.  Now I tried again with an even longer passage, still not that easy for me to read, but I hope some of you will enjoy it.  I used a different image just to keep them separate. The video part is just a branding of Paul and probably not necessary to watch.  I really don't have the habit of presenting straight audios, so Youtube it is.  If I stumble too much you will have to find the book, which I recommend anyway.

In these two chapters he addresses directly the "true self".  In a way, the true self perks up its head and listens.  It is kind of a simple technique, but a miracle when that happens.

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