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SHE ~ Spiritual Human Evolution™ is the term coined by Bernie Prior to describe evolution.

Meet Bernie Prior

Bernie Prior – Spiritual Teacher and Evolutionary Visionary,  Originator of The Form Reality Practice TM

Bernie Prior is a deeply realized contemporary spiritual teacher, whose life is entirely devoted to the awakening of All. A passionate and utterly engaging teacher, Bernie challenges the deepest myths of our humanness with uncompromising Truth and profound Love. He speaks with heart-opening clarity and his presence ignites the one fire or flame that calls for the full and uncompromised living of one’s True Self.

Through his ever evolving integration of Realized Conscious Awareness and realization of the Masculine and Feminine Principles, Bernie brings an integral evolutionary context to the experience of all human life, inviting every individual to their deepest knowing, highest vision, and the actualization of that in their life NOW.

Bernie Prior is the Originator of The Form- Reality Practice – an evolutionary movement practice and profound instrument of the Authentic Self,  that reveals the formless nature within all forms and integrates that as an ever-growing, conscious way of being within the individual and humanity.

SHE ~ Spiritual Human Evolution™ is the term coined by Bernie Prior to describe evolution. 
Spiritual Human Evolution is about riding
 the cutting edge of existence. Where an individual's life is in total response to innermost truth, radically giving
 that form. 
In this way the awakening of consciousness
 in each and every individual can propel the creation of a new life - an utterly new culture, an entirely new era of human experience.

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Bernie Prior Interactive Web Casts in April 2012

Bernie PriorBernie Prior

1st Web Cast timed to the West April 15th 2012


2nd Web Cast timed to the West April 22nd 2012





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April Meetings with Bernie Prior

Bernie PriorBernie Prior

Here's a Sunday night Satsang which Bernie Normally holds when he is in town


Every day van be Easter as we die to yesterday and are reborn into this moment





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Bernie Prior WebCasts
Bernie Prior May 13th 2009

Bernie Prior May 14th 2009