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Bentinho Massaro

We discover we can live with much more grace, ease, insight and happiness, from trusting in the wakefulness which already pervades every experience equally

Meet Bentinho Massaro

 I one day figured that all this dancing around that I was doing, all these everyday things I was chasing after and exploring, were meaningless and powerless if I didn't know the true meaning of life in my own direct experience. I had this instinctual impulse to get to the source of everything, to attain some kind of mastery over myself and all my abilities, to acquire a deep knowing in which all else would be understood immediately and in its proper place.


I desired to find 'the truth that doesn't change', so that I could make sense out of everything else from that space of clarity.


I had been playing around a bit with discovering the hidden capabilities of our minds.  Later I became fed up with the uselessness of learning and doing common things that don't really seem to make a difference or provide anyone with much meaning.  I desired to break free from that cycle and discover truth, or at least find something of existential meaning, for myself.  (pronounced "Bentinyo")

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Bentinho and Nick Gancitano, these amazing times


Bentinho Massaro, Free Awareness
Remain Undisturbed
This is immediate
If this video doesn't show you your direct presence, watch again after the interview.
With Grace and Ease
Sometimes lost
I watched myself go in and out of the story of each question.