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The awareness of the effortless infinite expanse of Being

Meet Arunagiri

 Aruna’s interest in the spiritual re-ignited in 1991 during a mountaineering trip to the Indian Himalayas. He could then see that his present condition was full of suffering, lacking genuine contentment and happiness. To be present consciosly moment to moment seemed impossible due to strong identifcation with emotion and thought. Fueled by the pain of this internal suffering his quest led him to meditation that he practiced daily for 5 years. During this time he also explored other transformative therapies and trained in Structural Integration and Remedial Massage. These therapies along with the foundation of meditation freed and dissolved many layers of accumulated mental and emotional past. 

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Arunagiri, Life Simple

 Arunagiri leads a very simple life, loving his wife and son.
Yet these talks can be inspiring for both of us, and let's say for those that are listening.