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Art Ticknor

20 years in intensive research into psychological and philosophical systems

Meet Art Ticknor

 What's behind the sense of "I am"? Who's living, and who's facing death? Who or what am I, essentially? Will some part of me continue on after death? Is there an unchanging, eternal part of me? Am I a part of some unchanging, eternal essence?


Occasional individuals throughout history have told of finding the answer to those questions, and their testimonies often have a surprising consistency. As my friend and teacher Richard Rose wrote: "Beyond the mind is a golden find...." For individuals seeking to find the answer for themselves, those testimonies provide helpful clues for pursuing the search to a successful conclusion.



I met Art Ticknor at the April TAT meeting 2011

 So many people have expressed the importance to them of Art's openness and availability.


He is an important contributor to the TAT Foundation.